Why YOU are the biggest thing holding you back

Look in the mirror.

What do you see?

an X…. a Y… a Z…?

As soon as you see yourself as ‘an’ anything you are limiting your internal belief as to what you can be.

Why define yourself?

What does an ‘X‘ earn? ….up to $XX …they certainly didn’t just add a ‘0 to their salary last year.

What does an ‘X‘ do in their spare time? …recover from work? …watch TV? …certainly not take off for 3 months to stay with friends on the other side of the world.

Where does an ‘X‘ live? …in a shared house ? …in a small flat? …certainly not in a mansion or that penthouse that you saw on TV.

Who does an ‘X‘ date? …another X? …a Y? …certainly not that successful guy or gal, or that model from the papers.

My point is that we should all aspire to be undefinable.

Some people call this a ‘creative profile’, but i prefer for it to be YOU!

Live an interesting live.

Travel the world.

Make a lot of Money.

But do it on your own terms.

Be free.

Until next time,

John Venture

Build. Travel. Live.

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