Stop Procrastination by building a perpetual machine

I have always struggled with procrastination on new projects.
We are action takers, but sometimes it seems that we are not hungry enough, or don’t really believe in the results, that’s when procrastination sneaks in.
Other bloggers talk about working on your OBSESSION rather than your passion. But what if you don’t know your obsession?


Until the pain gets too great, we will never change.

We don’t work on our passions, hell, most of us don’t even know what our passions are. We spend our days filing into semi-satisfying desk jobs where we yo-yo between the odd moment of satisfaction and long hours of perpetual boredom.

We tell ourselves that we just need to do this for a bit longer until we earn that next salary step, or get that job which really satisfies us. Until we retire, something that really doesn’t seem to be a possibility for some of us.

We even start to sabotage ourselves. We work half-heartedly and disappoint ourselves with poor efforts. In the back of our minds we think that if we are fired it will be someone else who pushed us to do what we really want.

The Solution

Build something bigger than yourself. Build something that can take on a life of it’s own and drive you!

Build a money MACHINE.

It may start off as a wind up mouse, but let it drive you. Let it consume you and feed it your energy, time, dreams.

No matter what you do your machine is purring away, trading it’s time for your money. You will want to monitor it, work to improve it’s efficiency and output, care for it.

And THAT is the key. You are a cog in the system that you own, you are responsible for your baby.

What Sort of Machine?

Your personality will help you decide what sort of machine you want to build. For me, I am impatient, I know that if I don’t see results my enthusiasm can wain.

For that reason I chose physical product businesses. Where the pace is fast and delivery channels can be leveraged.

For you, what is your end result?

Freedom? Notoriety? Power?

Choose something that fits with you. Only you know yourself!

Until next time,

John Venture

Build. Travel. Live.

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