The Young Professional Trap

The Young Professional Trap

For many of us the obligatory graduate job was a right of passage after university.

Unfortunately many of us soon realsied that getting sat behind a desk with minimal targets to reach and no real goals to accomplish is akin to shooting yourself in the head every day.

Then you find yourself, two years down the line, still at that same desk and now thinking that you haven’t gained any of the all important “transferable skills” that everyone else is so buzzed about.

Well I have news for you, everyone is in the same situation!

It’s up to you!

You need to have the balls…

You need to have the tenacity…

You need to believe that you can get up and find something that challenges you, that you love…

…and once you do, you will see the opportunities everywhere that you look…

…because you are worth it!

I’m not saying this to get you down, but if you don’t like your situation, change it! I did and so can you.

Some people seem to this that you have to live with the hand that you were dealt, this isn’t the case. Sometimes the hand must to be sawn off, only to grow back stronger and better equipped to take you to the next level; Professionally and Personally.

My message to you is to take action TODAY. Fight your own corner, no one is going to fight for you.

Here’s you your future success!

Until next time,

John Venture

Build. Travel. Live.

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